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Discover North America with Presley Tours.

Presley Tours was born from Wayman Presley’s unwavering love for unveiling the world’s wonders. Over six decades later, that passion continues to drive us. Our guided tours promise not just destinations, but adventures packed with unique experiences and fascinating fellow travelers. With strategically located accommodations, an array of delectable local cuisines, modern transportation, and more, we ensure exceptional value for every adventurer. And each meticulously crafted itinerary allows for ample free time, catering to individual interests and meals.

What sets us apart? Our team of passionate, seasoned guides. They not only share an insatiable love for travel but also prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of every passenger in their care.

Embrace 2024 by embarking on a Presley Tour, whether solo or with your group – a chance to forge connections with kindred spirits while exploring the treasures of North America.

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New Tours for 2024

Our new digital brochure showcases our tour calendar for 2024. We hope you are inspired to start planning your getaways for 2024 today!

“Very well organized with lots of really great activities. Great all-around trip.” Back to Niagara B. Collins, Caruthersville, MO
“We were both impressed with how well organized the tour was. Both the driver and tour director did an excellent job.” Autumn in Michigan & Wisconsin R & J Bowes, E. Peoria, IL
“My first time with Presley Tours. Both the tour director and driver were excellent. Accommodations, food, everything was top notch. I plan on going on more tours.” Southwest Canyonlands A Follmer, High Ridge, MO
“It was all very wonderful. This was my first experience on a bus tour and it exceeded all expectations.” Natchez, New Orleans & Cajun Country L Kanmiller & P McDermott, Mesa, AZ
“Well organized, visited the most important sites. Use of a local guide was a plus. Enjoyed driver and tour director.” Discover Savannah & Charleston S. Guinta, St. Louis, MO
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